Emily Ratajkowski has never been one to shine away from showing a little skin, and the latest photoshoot is no exception. But this time, it comes with a twist, as you can probably see, she shows off her armpit hair while wearing nothing but a black lace bra.

The photoshoot and article with her was done for Harper’s Bazaar’s September magazine which should come out on August 20. Emily wrote:

” For me, physique hair is one other alternative for ladies to train their capability to decide on—a selection based mostly on how they need to really feel and their associations with having or not having physique hair. On any given day, I have a tendency to love to shave, however typically letting my physique hair develop out is what makes me really feel attractive.”

The point in Ratajkowski words is that it’s her right to choose, as females it is almost expected for them to shave and not show any sign of underarm hair, but growing her body hair puts her back in the driving seat of her own life, weather people like it or not.

She remembers that from a young age she enjoyed playing with her sexy attitude and play with stereotypes, she wants to feel sexy, in her own mind and that’s all that matters.

Ratajkowski was in the headlines a while ago when she took part in the protests against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the supreme court and she was arrested. The kicker of that story is that msot people focused more on the shirt she was wearing that day and the fact that she went braless then what was the point of the protest, she says

” the headlines were not about what I was protesting but instead about what kind of shirt I was wearing. Even women from the left, who fully supported the purpose of my protest, made comments about my missing bra underneath my white tank and jeans. “

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