It’s no surprise that in recent years we see so many re-boots and old movies that are getting a new lease on life, take The Lion King or even Aladdin, the same movies that got us excited as kids are staring again, and we might just get a new Home Alone movie in the works.

We heard about it on August 6 when Disney made a big announcement about their new streaming service that will try to take on giants like Netflix Amazon and Apple, in the service you will not only find classic movies and block buster ones, but a few of the old time movies like Home Alone which is thought of getting a new version.

With all this excitement we won’t be surprised to see many more titles getting a face lift or even just a well needed sequel. Personally, I am very excited to see how it will look.

So are the fans sharing my excitement to this big news? Not so much, if you head to Twitter, you might find a few angry fans that actually don’t want to see a re-boot, but a sequel to the original movies where Macaulay Culkin will act as an adult, and maybe go on his own way, I mean, being left alone in the house as a 30 year old man is not really scary right? It’s a party in my book.

Check out some of the tweets people shared:


This tweet is just pure gold

What is Macaulay Culkin up to these days? Well, besides still riding the fame of the Home Alone movies, the 38 year old actor and pop icon recently starred in a Google Assistant commercial and was also cast to a new film that will come out soon.

So while his old fame never dies, the actor actually does work on new things and staying busy.

What do you guys think? Should the movie get a re-boot? Or better yet a sequel?

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