Cobain Shares A Skimpy Photo

The daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, Frances Cobain shares a skimpy photo of herself in a desert on her Instagram Page. She captioned it revealing that aging was not bothering her.

Cobain celebrates 27th birthday

The 27-year-old model also outlined her wishes for the addition of a new year to her life. In the Instagram story, she stated that turning 27 has so far been beautiful. She indicated that she was in love with the aging process because as she age she continues to be aware of her surroundings and what the future holds for her.

There is a strong message that accompanies the photo in the form of her wishes for the year. This appears to be a reflection of her life and what she expects in the future. She talks of living as an example in the world and she will gladly use her platform to help people without much expectation of reciprocity. Perhaps referencing to her divorce she indicates that she will always have control of who she decides to be. This she can achieve by creating a surrounding of unconditional love awareness within her.

Emotional trauma message

In a recent Instagram story, she gave another inspiring message regarding emotional trauma as she tries to move on from her divorce. She wrote that she is trying to heal emotional trauma as well as do something that can change the world. Cobain is said she wants to be the best person in helping the people around her and forgive those who hurt. She further asserts that she is working hard to overcome generational trauma patterns.

Frances is working on the debut of her solo album. Rumors doing rounds indicate that she has signed a two-album deal. In June she shared two clips of her acoustic music on her Instagram page which left fans with fond memories of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. In a caption referencing to the song, she indicated that the clips were a very sad song. However, she added that it was the truth so she wanted to share it.

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