One of the beautiful star Teen Mom, Kailyn Lowry, whom everybody admires. Her confidence is on another level judging from what she has been posting on her Instagram handle.

Of late Kailyn has been showing off her abs through a series of photos that she has been posting o social media. Her body is in good shape as she is pictured in high-waist bikinis and crop tops. She is virtually putting on anything to show off.

Teen Mom Star Kailyn Lowry is not afraid of courting controversy. she wears and shares whatever she wants to her fans on social media. Most of us will be afraid to show off our undies. But the Teen Mom star is not afraid to show her undies. Recently she posted on her Instagram stories a photo of her in a sports bra showing some skin and tight leggings.

Being Body positive

People nowadays are striving to be body positive, and that seems is the mantra of Kailyn too. You have to love the confidence she is exuding by showing some skin, which is very okay by the way in a time when there is rampant body shaming. And every outfit she tries literary looks amazing on her be it the crop tops or her high-waist bikinis.

Kailyn has the self-love for herself and her body that most of wish they had. Kailyn is an inspiration for beach days by showing some of the best outfits. She is setting an example for most of the fans, as well as her sons Lux, Lincoln, and Isaac.

Kailyn Lowry feels betrayed by friends

Recently the star revealed that she was betrayed by friends and people she thought were close. Her divorce with Javi Marroquin saw people taking sides. She used social media to vent her frustrations regarding friendship betrayals. Throughout her time on Teen Mom 2, she was accused of cheating on Marroquin during their marriage, but she has constantly denied the allegations.

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