Sony Pictures is ending its partnership with Disney’s’ Marvel studios. This means Spider-man will no longer be available at Marvels Cinematic Universe. Sony still holds the rights to Spider-Man and associated characters while Marvel controls the rest. The termination of the partnership means this is the end Tom Holland appearing for MCU.

Sony Terminates partnership but remains with all Spider-Man rights

Sony has controlled the rights of Spider-Man for close to three decades. However, since 2015 Sony and Marvel Studios have been sharing the Spider-Man character in several films. Marvel has been producing solo films for Sony starring Holland which has been very successful. Following the parting of ways, it means we won’t be seeing Holland starring alongside Iron Man, Captain America as well as other Marvel movies.

Initially, Super-Man was created by Marvel, but the rights were sold in the 1980s. The rights of the superhero character changed hands a few times before Sony bought them in 1999 for around $7 million. With the split, Sony will retain the rights to Spider-Man and its planning to produce its movies.

It is not clear how the split will affect the franchise, and most viewers are concerned. However, Sony gave viewers some optimism after indicated that they hope the standoff is solved. In a statement, Sony said that outstanding issue currently is the future involvement of Kevin Feige in Spider-Man movies.

Sony to produce its films

The statement indicated that news surrounding Spider-Man has mischaracterized discussions regarding the involvement of Kevin in the franchise. Sony indicated that they were disappointed that Kevin won’t be producing their next Super-Man film.

Sony still owns all the rights for Spider-Man. They are currently considering creating their movies without Feige involvement. With the directorship of Jon Watts, star Tom Holland and producer Amy Pascal Sony believe they can continue producing Spider-Man movies. Sony still plans to produce two more Jon Watts directed Spider-Man movies starring Holland. One such upcoming movie is Venom which Sony wants to build on.

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