Adam Lambert with Queen during the latest Atlanta concert

The latest Queen concert with fresh blood new singer Adam Lambert was a great one! And the audience could not help wonder how many outfits the lead singer change, it looks like Queen’s new singer Adam Lambert is trying to continue the legacy of the late Freddie Mercury of showmanship and he’s doing a pretty good job at it.

How many outfits Lambert changed during the concert?

The new lead signer changed five different outfits during the show and each one was more creative and colorful than the previous:

adam lambert queen atlanta concert - gold outfit
  • He started with a black pirate shirt with a gold lame jacket
  • He later changed into a leather pants and jacket with spikes that resembles a more KISS look.
  • After that, he wore red pants with a black long jacket/tunic
  • Then he switched it up with some silver pants and shiny silver jacket that will make The King jealous
  • But the final outfit was the one who was worth writing about. A spangled king outfit with a crown and coat and 12 inch thick heels, YUP!

The last outfit was worn during the ” We are the champions ” song and it looked really good and fitting to the song. Adam Lambert obviously wore it very well and looked the part.

Adam Lambert king outfit heels

The show itself was impressive, Lambert, who is signing with the group for 8 years now has no intentions of trying to walk in the shoes of Freddie, that’s clear and obvious, but he stands alone on his two feet very well, taking the show to where he loves and knows.

The voice and signing power of Adam is nothing to be shy about, ever since he played with Queen on American Idol season 8 it was clear he was going to be successful.

Circling back to the show and the last outfit Adam wore, take a look at these huge heels! That’s impressive by its own right don’t you think?

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2 thoughts on “Adam Lambert Changed So Many Outfits During Queen’s Atlanta Concert Even Freddie Mercury Would Be Proud”
  1. ‘American Idol’ (season 8), not ‘America’s got talent’ .
    Yes, Adam Lambert has a voice ‘that’s the envy of the industry’, a voice in a billion, GFG…

  2. ADAM has been impressing audiences with his talent since back in 2009 when he was on American Idol (not AGT)!! And that’s when he & QUEEN performed together in the finale .. Brian & Roger took one look at ADAM & when they heard him sing that clinched it!! They have been appearing all over the world to sold out audiences everywhere & they are continuing next year as well!! This is a Musical Match made in Heaven & I wouldn’t be surprised to know that Freddie is smiling at the result!! Love these guys!!

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