The city of Darwin, Minnesota has named a roadway after “Weird AI” Yankovic. “Weird AI” is expected to perform at the Minnesota State Fair.

Darwin City names roadway after “Weird AI”

“Twine Ball Lane,” which is over 60 miles west of Twin Cities, has been christened “Weird Alley.” This is to honor of the artist for his song that made the twine ball a popular tourist attraction. The roadway is next to the Largest Ball of Twine in the World comic writer wrote a song about.

The artist felt honored and lauded the move to rename the alleyway after his name. He took to Twitter to express his gratitude. He stated that the platinum albums and Grammys have all been nice, but he has finally made it. In the tweet, he added, “they just renamed the alley next to the Twine Ball.”

Last week the mayor of Darwin installed a street sign on the main drag from where the ball of twine rests. He said that they were showing appreciation for what “Weird AI” had done for the city and the twine ball. He added that just like everybody, the residents of Darwin were fans because of his universal appeal. The mayor said he is a great artist to associate with.

Yankovic gains recognition for his song “World’s Largest Twine Ball”

Yankovic is famous for his parody songs such as “Party in the CAI” and “Amish Paradise.” Besides the parody songs, he has also composed and recorded several original songs. His biggest song is an epic tribute, “The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota.” It is a song about the “World’s Largest Twine Ball Rolled by One Man.”

The twine ball was created by Francis A. Johnson who single-handedly worked on it between 1959 and 1979. It is around 11 feet tall, 13 feet in diameter and approximately 40 feet round. For some time it held the record as the largest ball of twine rolled by one man. A twine ball created in Texas in the 1990s surpassed it according to Guinness World Records.

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