Kim Kardashian enchants followers on the front cover of Vogue. This happens to be the first time the celebrity is working with the Middle Eastern publication. However, this is not the most intriguing fact! The twist was in the fact that her husband Kanye was the one conducting the interview!

Manfred Thierry Mugler, a fashion icon, decided to have the star pose in some of the shoots.This isn’t the first time the duo is cooperating. They have worked together in the past, andtrusted sources indicate he was the one behind most of her best looks.

Kim’s thoughts

In a tweet, Kim expressed her excitement for being featured in the Vogue Arabia September Issue. The star was excited about the chance to work with an experienced and dedicated designer, Manfred Thierry Mugler. She loved her look on the front cover and the experience as well.

The celebrity revealed that it also felt great to be interviewed by her rapper husband, Kanye West. The shooting was done in the desert in California. According to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, things happened like magic.

Kim Kardashian is a mother of four children. She is an accomplished entrepreneur and an outstanding media personality as well. The star is not shy to disclose the contributions made by Thierry Mugler for her to successfully feature in all the three covers of the publication. The leading designer, according to Kim, has been styling her to come out in the most outstanding way.

You will remember the designer for being the one that helped in the redefining of the 1980s female silhouette.

Kim Kardashian Enchants Followers with her dress code

The first three covers show Kim donned in what many would call an extremely tight bustier. The sexy curves of the celebrity are adequately manifested, and the tiny waist a sight to behold! One would have easily concluded that Kim was deliberate in her act of displaying her ample assets.

The other outstanding attribute was the way the black-and-white outfit reached completion with some outstanding black gloves. The media queen had dark hair, which had been styled in adornment to land on her torso finally!

When Kanye asked her about her take on fame and how it impacted her, she said fame could indeed be addictive.However, she advised that people shouldn’t put too much focus on it.

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