John Wick 3 presents the viewer with what many would term rather intimidating cinematography. You start watching the movie and notice how each scene is super-impressive, outstanding, and heart-pounding. Super assassin John Wick wants to get away with about $14m, and the viewer is compelled to take the edge of his/her sit to witness everything unfold!

John Wick 3:  how viewers feel about it

The movie ‘John Wick’ started gracing the screen way back in 2014. It received so much love from the lovers of the Canadian actor Keanu Charles Reeves. This outstanding actor rose to fame for the interesting roles he played in several blockbuster films. These include Ted franchise and The Bill. The movie portrays Reeves like someone with a very soft spot for dogs.

Interesting aspects

What are the three surprising things about John Wick? It is easy to notice just how involved Keanu Reeves is in most of his movies, including the one in question. The actor says that what he does are not mere stunts! He gets to do about 98% of the acting physical activity. Wick gets to flip over people and also gets flipped on. He also jumps and runs the way he is usually portrayed on the screens.

However, his real-life doesn’t seem to be the one most of us would expect. The actor is quite wholesome in the way he conducts himself. His humility at work is outstanding, which may be the contributing factor to the success he has been witnessing. He terms acting the hardened veteran roles an exciting playtime for him.

Secondly, the filmmaking process could, at times get very intense. Halle Berry was to make an appearance in the latest shoot, and to her, she had to give 110 percent to it. However, the actions led to the actress breaking three of her ribs. She termed it a badge of honor for herself.

Thirdly, the WWE superstar Kevin Nash is in the movie. He acts the role of a Russian bouncer in the night club that the actor enters. The purpose of placing the massive man in the scene and make him treat Reeves with respect is tactical. It is a way to showcase that John Wicks sends spasms of fear in all the people living here.

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