The American singer and songwriter Maynard James Keenan has been leading his rock band Tool for years. This band started while struggling financially and even played in small clubs. Years later, they have been witnessing massive success. The new album is doing great, and that is easy to tell looking at the positive reviews trickling in.

Rock band Tool

Tool’s Adam Jones says that the fifth studio album Fear Inoculum is worth having for music lovers. He says that the songs on the album showcase how much they get to dive into themes. Their reflective process and the great mastery of art make them come up with songs that win hearts.

Fans have had to wait for about 13 years for the group to finally give way forward. Tool conducts the launch on Friday, and the hype is just so much. Reviewers on the internet expressed their opinions about the release. Most of them take the strong stand that the album is indeed it is worth the wait.


From the reviews, fans seem so much carried away by the overall effect of the new album. That is although the group never follows the strictures and structures of pop music. Each time the band embarks on anything, it always surprises fans by indicating it can thrash!

This is a five-star album characterized by the best collection of vocals. This time around singer Keenan is proving his great capacity as a bandleader. The group’s languid and blissful work leaves the diehard fans in a state of great ecstasy.

Fans will surely love the drum sounds by Danny Carey which seem so much pronounced in the topnotch production. Some reviews indicate that his abilities are indeed of greater focus compared to Keenan’s vocals.

Much can be said about the remarkable work by this high-end band. However, we all know what matters the most! It is indeed what you think about the band and the new album. Your review also matters a huge deal. But one thing you can count on, this album is just so easy to love!

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