America is one of the top study destinations with the world’s biggest number of international students. The nation homes probably the most reputed universities on the planet which reliably rank high in world university rankings. The US education system is adaptable and permits students to investigate themselves. That is the reason numerous students from various nations go to the US to study at the two single men and Masters levels. Without a doubt, America gives great education. There are a ton of chances for students. It is a place where there is dreams with excellent education and expectations for living standards.

Why Study in USA?

Reasons to Join Institutes of USA

The United States of America is an excellent study destination of the world with an immense number of Universities and Colleges that offer exceptionally significant degrees. It guarantees an elite education as well as gives an agreeable way of life and a multicultural, lively climate that advances quickly. The USA is known for its mastery in innovation, solid government strategies, compelling laws, and a predominant safeguard system. This greatness in all fields is simply because of the strong education that its establishments convey. The colleges offer many examination programs which clear a path for splendid vocation alternatives for students. The students passing from USA colleges can make sure about worthwhile positions anyplace on the planet. 

Along with these, United States of America (USA) is famous for:

Career Specific Courses: The USA has perhaps the most grounded economy on the planet and offers vocation explicit courses to the students which get ready students any difficulties throughout everyday life. 

International degrees: Degree of this country is universally perceived so students can go anyplace on the planet in the wake of finishing their study from the USA. 

Multicultural Classrooms: the USA invites international students which establishes a multicultural climate in the study halls. 

Progressive Campus life and First Class education: Campus way of life and education system of Educational Institutes of USA is top notch which is the significant fascination for International Students. The USA has numerous most elevated positioned international Universities. 

Friendly Atmosphere: US institutions give a strong climate to the students. Along these lines, students don’t hesitate to clear their issues and questions in the study hall. 

Requirements to Study in USA
Eligibility Criteria

There are three sorts of understudy’s visas, F1, M1 and J1, that the USA offers to international students. Most presumably you will require a F1 understudy visa since it is for those international students who need to finish their scholastic examinations in the USA. 

M1 is for non-scholarly or professional courses, and the J1 is for those international students who need to partake in the public authority perceived social trade programs. 

Eligibility Criteria

By studying in the USA, students get enough admittance to different profession openings. Students get a balanced living style with numerous social offices. 

Besides, no fixed rules are for students for section prerequisites in USA organizations. Be that as it may, for confirmation, the accompanying reports should be considered cautiously. 

For Undergraduates:

High School Diploma and Transcripts

Bank Letter with Adequate funds

Affidavits of financial support

Passport Copy

I20 (After acceptance )

Adequate funds for fee submission

For Graduates:

Bachelor’s Degree + Transcripts (4 years of study )

Bank Letter with Adequate funds

Affidavits of financial support

Passport Copy

Letter of Recommendation


I20 (After acceptance )

Adequate funds for fee submission

USA Study Visa Process 

If you have a dream to pursue study in the USA, you will require a study license to get a Degree from the USA. The cycle can be long so set up your records well ahead of time to evade any issue, and it is prescribed to apply for your visa at any rate five months before your course starts. The cycle of visa application begins subsequent to getting I-20, which affirms the acknowledgment of students and enlistment in the US university/College. 

  • Pay fee of SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System)
  • Pay the visa fee.
  • Book an appointment for visa interview
  • Finally, attend the interview for a visa.
  • Team of Pyramid will help you throughout the process by giving proper assistance.
  • Then, complete the application form of visa

Work while Study in USA

Part-Time Work opportunities  in the US can assist you with acquiring enough to meet your every day costs. However, you ought to choose first the explanation behind Working while at the same time studying in the USA can be a great occasion to bring in cash as an international understudy. It is an extraordinary method to learn work culture in the USA. Albeit working low maintenance may not be sufficient to help completely, it can surely assist with bringing down the cost. Entry level position work experience will without a doubt glance great in your resume, and it is a fantastic method to bring in cash and gain information during your examinations. 

Keep in mind, notwithstanding, that as an International Student, you can’t straightforwardly go out and land any attractive position. There are a few guidelines that students should follow. Before you begin getting a new line of work in the USA as an understudy, contact your Designated School Official (DSO). At that point, DSO will direct you all through the technique of applying for a Social Security Number, which is needed for all students working in the US and help you through different advances. 

Work Opportunities: 

There are four different ways for International Students to work legitimately in the US on a F1 (understudy) visa: 

Curricular Practical Training (CPT): CPT is a brief work approval or temporary job program that is expected to give students true involvement with their Majors. the Internship may likewise have credit focuses. CPT work openings can be on Campus or off Campus. 

On-Campus CPT: as an international understudy, you start your CPT as right on time as in the primary semester of the class. You can work as long as 20 hours of the week under this program. 

Off-Campus CPT: most of students pick off-Campus CPT programs. The huge advantage of doing Internship off Campus is that It permits you to work at least 40 hours per week. 

Optional Practical Training (OPT): OPT is impermanent business identified with the study field by which qualified students can get as long as a year of OPT work.

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