A lot of people are familiar with Justin Timberlake. But his name has already been a few times dragged through the mud. Let’s remember his tumultuous relationship with Britney Spears, too. We all recall the Janet Jackson Super Bowl wardrobe mishap. His criticism this time around, though, seems unjustified and is being made for different reasons. He is being evaluated more for how he looks than for what he has done.

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Spears, Jackson, and Timberlake.

One of the most adored celebrity couples in the past was Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Rumours started to circulate after their breakup in 2002, which resulted in intense scrutiny of both parties. Timberlake was rumoured to write the song “Cry Me a River” as a tribute to his ex. Ultimately, Justin received criticism from the public for allegedly abusing their relationship and violating Britney’s privacy. Some have criticised Timberlake for being uncaring about her struggles with her mental health issues. Which at the time had received negative press. Although they broke up years ago, the public still remembers the uproar they caused.

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Then, in 2004, Justin Timberlake was once more made the subject of public scrutiny. During that year’s Superbowl, he and Janet Jackson shared the stage. During their performance, Justin unintentionally exposed Janet’s breasts on live television in front of the entire audience. Despite his sincere regrets for the mishap, this caused a massive uproar among the general public. The perception was that he did not accept responsibility for his actions, according to reports.

Many believed that he unjustly dissed Jackson and did not adequately shield her from the backlash that followed. He later made a public apology for the incident. “[I am] sincerely sorry for the times in my life when my behavior caused a problem when I misspoke or did not stand up for what was right”.

According to his appearance, Justin Timberlake is judged.

The iHeart Radio Music Awards recently presented Taylor Swift with the Innovator Award. She was the subject of a collection of videos produced in her honour by various musicians and celebrities. As well as Dolly Parton, Ed Sheeran, and Selena Gomes, Justin Timberlake were among them. The public was made aware of Justin Timberlake’s prior contentious actions by his return to the spotlight. In contrast, he is now being judged for his appearance rather than his accomplishments, which are said to have been “well-earned.”.


Today, judging someone based solely on how they appear on the outside is considered hypocritical. Anyone who does this will receive criticism for what they did. Even so, the public continues to make judgmental remarks about his appearance. The father of two may have engaged in some questionable behaviour in the past, but that does not give the general public the right to judge him based solely on appearance.

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Even so, Justin continues to work in the entertainment industry.

After all that publicity, some might have fled with their tails between their legs. Justin Timberlake, however, remained steadfast in his pursuit of his chosen profession. For the third film, Trolls Band Together, he returned to the well-known animated series. He will keep voicing the character Branch. Alongside Anna Kendrick, who also says the character Poppy in the voiceovers.

Timberlake’s participation in the Trolls film series has been a boon to his musical career. The upcoming instalment is rumored to be a fun and heartfelt family film. This November, it is scheduled for release.

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