Coping with a loved one’s death is never easy, if not nearly impossible, primarily if you’ve known them for a long time. Immediately following the cancer death of his wife, a man from Johannesburg became convinced of this.

But the man will experience the greatest surprise of his life in the future—the final gift his late wife gave him.

She wished to have the plants in the bathroom cared for even after she passed away, so she begged her husband to promise to water them every day before she passed away.

The man took his wife’s final request very seriously, and for years, he ensured the plants in the bathroom were always perfectly maintained by watering them each day.

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Only a few years later, the man surprised everyone by leaving the home where he had lived with his wife.

The man did not want to part with the plants in the bathroom because they reminded him of the love of his life and because he had promised her on her deathbed.

The man wanted to pack them for safe transportation but had a big surprise.

In particular, he discovered that his wife had made a joke about the plastic flowers he watered every day.

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After crying and then laughing aloud in response to this revelation, he understood that his wife had wanted to make him laugh so that he could move past the grief brought on by her passing.

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