Heavy storms to blame for the grueling power outages at Walt Disney

Florida has been experiencing storms lately. Unfortunately, these storms have been moving quite fast through the Orlando zone and as a result affecting the guests at Walt Disney World.

The havoc: Power Outages Walt Disney

The Inside the Magic team of Disney was affected immensely by the blackout. Functioning without power has been a nightmare! The Walt Disney World Resort hotels, the entertainment district adjacent to the theme parks and shopping and dinner points have been paralyzed. Matters have blown out of proportion leading to the closedown of several major stores across the Disney Springs.

Disney’s Inside the Magic team converged at the Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa when the unfortunate incident occurred. It was a moment of power outages that affected the entire resort. There were some weak efforts to try and power some particular areas of the resort with some backup generators. However, that didn’t change much in terms of the fan lovers enjoying their experience at Walt Disney.

Walt Disney is situated at a walking distance when you are at the Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa, and it was unfortunate that it also went dark. Reports from trusted sources indicate that the impact has been huge enough to cover even the Disney Springs area hotels.


Turn of events

Journalists have been following the matter closely. Most of them have taken pictures at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa, specifically at the Artist’s Palate. From the photos, it is quite easy to tell that indeed the zone experienced a blackout.

Some of the guests launched their complaints to the Guests services department. They wanted to get return tickets or refunds for their money. Unfortunately, there was not quite much that could be done, especially with the power outage still on.

Many explanations were given for the blackout. One of them is that Florida has been coping with inclement weather ahead of the Tropical Storm Dorian. The take of the Orlando Sentinel weather experts agrees that the tropical storms could have been the cause. They could have moved throughout central and south Florida to cause the inconvenience eventually.

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