Pete Davidson Condemns Popular ‘Cancel Culture’ In a New Stand-Up Set

Recently, comedian Pete Davidson was at the center of controversy during his Las Vegas premiere stand up show.

Pete Davidson performs in Las Vegas

The 25-year old comedian was performing at The Mirage’s “Aces of Comedy.” It is barely a year since he backed out of the “life Is Beautiful” festival. This was after the high publicized broken engagement with Ariana Grande. Pete has since moved on from the breakup by a fling with Kate Beckinsale. However, the focus was mainly on his performance and not his star ex-girlfriends.

Davidson’s set put show business “cancel culture” on the spotlight regarding disgraced stars. He drew reference to disgraced public figures such as R. Kelly, Harvey Weinstein and the late Michael Jackson.

While on stage the comedian said it is a weird time because jokes are scary to tell. He added that the scariest thing that one can do right now is trying telling a joke. This is so because people are selective and they only pick what they think they should be mad at. Pete said it is hard because it comes down to whether one likes the person or not.

Davidson critical of how people choose and pick

Davidson reportedly indicated that not all the canceled stars are created equal. He adds that it could be easy to abhor someone like Harvey Weinstein because he is fat and ugly. But then when it comes to R. Kelly, you compromise. One starts to say that he might have had his flaws, but then his “Ignition Remix” was a great hit. He added that people should look past that especially for people like Weinstein who didn’t have “Ignition Remix.”

Besides the “cancel culture,” he also talked about the HBO documentary “Leaving Neverland.” Still, on the same subject, he said, for instance, there is a two hour documentary about Michael Jackson. People tend to sympathize with his childhood about how people pick and choose.

There are reports that Pete Davidson will be performing on a small stand-up tour before his return to New York.

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