Smash Mouth New Song – All Star And The Accompanying Message

The lead singer of Smash Mouth Steve Harwell is still recuperating after he had problems with his breathing. However, the well-neat song from the San Jose band still hits the airwaves with impact. The Allstar has brought the band fame and recognition. It has an interesting video that matches up to the inspirational tunes.

Smash Mouth New Song – All Star

This song captures the various issues affecting people in modern societies but is often overlooked or dismissed. One major issue and which the song covers is the depression mental health. The song calls upon the listeners to recognize that they got their own lives to live. The unrealistic picture shouldn’t sway them, usually portrayed by others on social media.

In most of the cases, people will post lavish lifestyles on the various social media platforms. There are people that visit these social media sites, and upon seeing the postings get depressed. They feel that they are lagging and the song advocates against this.

On the contrary, the song speaks about celebrating this event called life. It recognizes that time flies fast, and one can get lost in it and forget to live. Humans need to recognize that they are different. They don’t have to match up to the expectations of others or look like them. The song speaks about taking the backstreets proudly. That is the only way to venture in new areas and discover what life has for you.

Life is chill

All star implies that life doesn’t have to be taken with too much seriousness. On the contrary, one should take a break now and then. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking some time off to play. Lead the life of a rockstar where you prioritize your happiness, after all; we are on this planet for a limited amount of time.

The song also encourages the listeners to fight for their rights. They should demand to get paid for the jobs they accomplish and enjoy life with the money. It cautions us about aging since one won’t remain forever young. Everyone needs to make hay while the sun shines! We are responsible for deciding what is good for us. An exciting life and stress-free life is a choice you make according to the famous tune.

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