Pharrel Campaign For Women Empowerment With Adidas Footwear

Pharrell Williams has collaborated with Adidas footwear to celebrate female empowerment in a new way. Wiliam’s streetwear brand Billionaire’s Boys Club has partnered with Adidas to launch two new shoes. Breastfeeding and pregnant models in the campaign dubbed “This Is Her Time” wear the shoes.

Women empowerment

The campaign features female activists and focuses on their empowerment through the bold representation of voices. The focus is to amplify the voices of activists championing issues of sexuality, gender, sexual rights, and equality. The campaign is a call to action to address the issues women are facing. Famous photographer, Coller Schorr shot the campaign addressing a range of issues falling under the female empowerment umbrella.

“Now Is Her Time” campaign features some prominent artists and activists. It stars founder Nadya Okamoto; Black Lives Matter Co-founder, Pattrise Cullors, and singer and songwriter Syd. Others include activist Sana Azim, Actor Reggie Yates, models Sara Cummings, Kadija Diawara, and Isabela Rangel Grutman.

The unisex collection launched features various shoes and apparel in Adidas silhouettes. A release described the collection as a democratic offering promoting choices and alternatives for people. The new pack emphasizes words such as “Empathy,” “Create,” “Thoughts,” and Breathe.

The collection includes some of the most iconic styles, such as NMD, BYW, and Solar HU. The Adidas Originals by Williams “Now Is Her Time” is a collection of unisex shoes and apparel for kids, juniors, infants, and adults standing for rights of women.

Willams first partnered with Adidas in 2014

Williams’ partnership with Adidas goes back to 2014. He recently partnered with the company on a “Hu Holi” line of unisex footwear and apparel.  In March this year, He launched a Chanel streetwear collection in South Korea. The Chanel-Pharrel capsule deals in robes, man bags, hoodies, tees, costume jewelry, sunglasses, and sneakers.

The “Now Is Her Time” collection will be available as from August 31, 2019. They will be available online as well as in select retail outlets across the globe.

Adidas has equally recruited Donald Glover as brand co-creator and Beyonce as a creative design partner.

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