When battling cancer, the mother’s hair falls out, so her son grows it out to make mom a wig.

Melanie Shaha of Gilbert, Arizona, was informed in 2003 that she had a benign brain tumour known as a pituitary tumour.

Among other symptoms, the tumour’s impact on the gland near the base of her brain led to dull headaches for the woman.

She tragically lost her hair. As a result, she was making her defenceless and exposed. Thankfully, her son stepped up and let his hair grow out so he could give his mother a wig to help her feel better about how she looked.

The wig made from her son’s hair is a beautiful reminder of loving gestures’ impact on people. Melanie needed comfort during a trying time.

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When Melanie Shaha learned that her radiation treatment could cause hair loss, she was shocked. The unfortunate side effect of hair loss persisted despite her three surgeries to remove a tumour from her body in 2006, 2017, and 2018.

Because she felt uncomfortable being the centre of attention due to her lack of hair, Melanie found it challenging to blend in with other people when she was out in public. She also found it difficult to go about daily activities like shopping and finding things to eat.

To make matters worse, during a family lunch in 2018, her son Matt made a derogatory comment about it.

Matt showed his mother his love and sacrifice by growing out his hair. His hair had been short when he graduated from university, and that’s when it all began.

After realising a newfound freedom with his hair, he offered Melanie Shaha that he could grow enough hair to make her a wig. She initially resisted carrying the weight, but Matt persisted and, by March 21st, had gained 12 inches.

He then gathered his coworkers to assist in building the wig and cutting it off. Melanie’s response to this tender exchange between her son and mother was sobbing that streamed down her cheeks.

After the hair was sent to Compassionate Creations in Newport Beach, California, Melanie received her hand-tied wig in June. In a way that words can’t express, this deed will remind her how much Matt loves her.

The business co-founder, Veronica Balch, was delighted to work with the family and found it inspiring that one was willing to shave their head for a family member.

Melanie was thrilled with her wig, which had been beautifully colored, expertly cut, and styled. She said it looked great on her, and Matt concurred.