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StockX Data Breach Reportedly Exposed Private Data Of Over A Million Customers

This week seems to be dead set to prove that ancient superstition about poor omens: they always come in threes. First Capital One announced a huge infringement of information. Then the Association of Entertainment Software leaked a lot of private data from experts. And now numerous reports claim StockX’s “system updates” claimed to have been […]

Users Won’t Be Able To Use Apple Card To Buy Cryptocurrency: Report

Cryptocurrency supporters who hoped to use the upcoming credit card from Apple to splash the coin are out of luck. You can also not buy tickets, casino gambling chips or checks for foreign currency or traveler by using Apple Card in any form, physically or virtually anywhere. As shown in a client contract published on […]

Saudi Arabia Funds Health Start-Up Babylon With $550 Million, Valuation Hikes

Babylon Health, a U.K.-based startup that has created a range of AI-based health facilities, including a chatbot used by the U.K. National Health Service to assist diagnose ailments, has revealed a huge investment it intends to use to expand its company to the U.S. and Asia and expand its R&D to diagnose more severe, chronic […]

DoorDash Acquires Sqaure’s Food Delivering Service Caviar For $410 Million

With the assistance of an acquisition, DoorDash expands its distribution infrastructure to several other sectors. The firm based in San Francisco announced on Thursday its acquisition of $410 million from Square for Caviar, a high-end competitor. The quarterly income report from Square verified the sale, demonstrating that both money and inventory were included. Because Caviar […]

UK Might Launch A Huge Brexit Advertising Campaign To Influence Country To Leave The EU

The U.K. In the near future, it will launch one of the biggest government data publicity campaigns ever conducted to prepare individuals and companies for Brexit, whether a withdrawal agreement exists or not. The new Finance Minister of Britain, Sajid Javid, said the campaign would help guarantee the willingness of the country to leave the […]

‘They Should Be Ashamed’: Wall Street Slams Federal Reserve

Wall Street received something it had been demanding for months on Wednesday— a Federal Reserve interest rate cut. However, investors welcomed the percentage-point cut of the central bank with a combination of skepticism and open hostility. The decision by the Fed to introduce an “insurance policy” cut to guard against a deeper downturn effectively sent […]

UK Start-Up Babylon Health Might Receive Funding From Saudi Wealth Fund

The UK’s Babylon Health, a start-up used by the National Health Service, is in forthcoming discussions with the Saudi Arabia Sovereign Wealth Fund in an agreement that will add a value of the Company in the order of more than $1 billion based on individuals who are fully aware of their plans. The investment, part […]

Huawei’s Revenue Increased By 23.2 Percent Despite US Ban: Reports

Chinese smartphone giant Huawei’s income for H1 2019 rose 23.2 percent to 401.3 billion yuan (around $58.3 billion) despite the trade war between the US and China, the firm announced on Tuesday. The net profit margin of the company for H1 2019 was 8.7%. Operations are smooth and the organization is as sound as ever, […]