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Samsung Galaxy S23 सीरीज़ के Qualcomm Chipset के साथ आने की खुद Samsung ने किया पुष्टि।

सैमसंग गैलेक्सी S23 सीरीज़ को लॉन्च करने के लिए पूरी तरह तैयार है, जिसमें कथित तौर पर तीन मॉडल शामिल होंगे – गैलेक्सी S23, गैलेक्सी S23+ और गैलेक्सी S23 अल्ट्रा अगले साल फरवरी में होने की संभावना है। हालाँकि, दक्षिण कोरियाई स्मार्टफोन निर्माता ने अभी भी स्मार्टफोन के लॉन्च की पुष्टि नहीं की है। स्मार्टफोन […]

YouTube Shorts आपके नज़दीकी टेलीविज़न स्क्रीन पर जल्द आ रही हैं।

YouTube दुनिया भर में टेलीविज़न स्क्रीन पर अपने काटने के आकार के वीडियो फीचर शॉर्ट्स का विस्तार कर रहा है, Google के स्वामित्व वाले वीडियो शेयरिंग प्लेटफॉर्म ने 8 नवंबर को घोषणा की क्योंकि यह दुनिया भर में मेटा और टिकटॉक जैसे प्रतिद्वंद्वियों से बढ़ती प्रतिस्पर्धा का मुकाबला करने के लिए दिखता है। कंपनी ने […]

Bitcoin Tycoon Tom Lee Shares His Views On Crypto Rally Ignited By Investors

Bitcoin bull Tom Lee informed on Monday that in the midst of the U.S.-China trade and currency war, cryptocurrency is a hedge against worldwide hazards. Fundstrat’s founder and study head clarified on “Fast Money” that this year’s “bitcoin did something very exciting. “It’s been really linked with the dollar for the last couple of years,” […]

Apple Provides ‘Apple Card’ Preview To Some Selected Users

Apple announced on Tuesday, August 6 that it will release the Apple Card to a random selection of individuals who have opted for the “notify me” list that was launched previously this year. These attendees will be the first customers to preview the much-expected credit card supported by Goldman Sachs and part of the global […]

Facebook Is Still Filled With Fake Review Trading Groups: Reports

Facebook has failed to clean up the brisk trade in fake product reviews on its platform, a consumer association inquiry Which? has discovered. The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) advised both Facebook and eBay in June that they required to do more to tackle the sale of fake product reviews. On eBay, vendors offered […]

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos Reportedly Sold Stocks Worth $2.8 Billion Last Week: Reports

Jeff Bezos, who returned most of his income to Amazon, divested his stocks to finance his Blue Origin aerospace dream project. The filings from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission have shown that Bezos has divested $2.8 billion worth of Amazon shares over the past two decades. He had previously divested about $1.8 billion worth […]

StockX Data Breach Reportedly Exposed Private Data Of Over A Million Customers

This week seems to be dead set to prove that ancient superstition about poor omens: they always come in threes. First Capital One announced a huge infringement of information. Then the Association of Entertainment Software leaked a lot of private data from experts. And now numerous reports claim StockX’s “system updates” claimed to have been […]

Users Won’t Be Able To Use Apple Card To Buy Cryptocurrency: Report

Cryptocurrency supporters who hoped to use the upcoming credit card from Apple to splash the coin are out of luck. You can also not buy tickets, casino gambling chips or checks for foreign currency or traveler by using Apple Card in any form, physically or virtually anywhere. As shown in a client contract published on […]